Brawling Brothers Gear

Brawl on, Brawlers!

Lowball Glasses (Limited Edition)

Scotch? Whiskey? Tequila? Beer? Water?!  Any/all of the above are the perfect compliment to this limited edition Brawling Brothers Lowball Glass.  Show your love for the show (and the hooch) and purchase a lowball glass (or four) today!

ManBearPig TShirts & Hoodies

You asked for it and we listened – ManBearPig lives!  Show your Brawling Brothers pride and dawn this frighteningly awesome envisioning of ManBearPig, as created by legendary boardgame artist Kwanchai Moriya.   Many styles available including: Standard Unisex T-Shirts,  epicly soft tri-beldn T-Shirts (our favorite!), Tank Tops, or even an Sweatshirt/Hoody!

man bear pig

I just want to help!

Want to show your appreciate to the Brawling Brothers, but have no interest in cluttering your cabinets or closets?  Donate to the Brawling Brothers! Monetary donations will be used to reimburse the costs of producing and maintaining the show. Equipment, software, hosting – etc. These are all recurring expenses that we pay out of pocket. Feel free to give any amount that you’d like. All donates help – Thank you!

brawling brothers