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This is us. Two guys who love to play games together, but just can’t seem to get along!

The Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast is a biweekly podcast that focuses on RPG, card game and board game reviews. The original Brawlers (Josh and Brandon) are 2 friends who like very different types of games. The show focuses on these differing preferences and (hopeless) attempts to sway each other’s opinion. Each show includes light, friendly banter, a game review (in print), a combative segment called “Brawling and Boardgaming”, a check in on BGG’s “Hotness” and a brief discussion of a topic that has importance to us… Well, one of us, at least.

While the “Brawling and Boardgaming” can get a bit heated at times, Josh and Brandon play games for the same reason: SOCIAL INTERACTION. The Brawlers love of meeting new people, playing games with old friends and interact with gamers all around the world is the simple reason that Brawling Brothers was founded.

Join us as we attempt to spread our influence throughout the gaming community, encouraging people to form gaming groups, organize events, and evaluate just how great (OR NOT) those old games that Josh loves really are. Our board game reviews are certain to entertain and enlighten you. Let’s hope we can agree to disagree before a major fight breaks out!

Board Game Review System

At this point the entire world knows that we don’t agree… We’ve set up a review system so you can better determine how and why we don’t agree! Below you can find a brief description of the 3 areas that we use when formulating our review scores. If you are interested in knowing exactly what falls into each section, feel free to visit the “Full Explanation” page and dig a little deeper!

Game Play

How great is the overall game play experience? Heavy consideration of items like rule book readability, overall rules, player interaction, indicated game length, innovation and game mechanics all go into this portion of the score. The biggest question of all – WAS IT FUN?


How well executed are the bits and pieces? Is the game art beautiful or not so hot? Are the components detailed or boring wooden blocks? What about the game board, game box and graphic design in the rule book? All important pieces of the “Presentation” score!


How immersed do the players become when the game is fully underway? Do the game mechanics work to bring each player in to the themes of the game, telling a story with each action? Do you walk away from the table feeling like you’ve just gotten back from a trip to another time/place?

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