Episode 78 : GenCon Preview
+ Questions from a Hat with Cat (And Jordan)

gencon preview

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 7/24/18

This episode brought to you by Inside Up Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, Arcane Wonders & Meeple Realty. Brandon is another year older and has a handful of exciting stories to share about his birthday weekend! We kindly remind EVERYONE who has EVER listened to one of our episodes to FILL OUT THIS SURVEY (and get entered to win free things!). We highlight some of the upcoming titles that we are most excited about in our GenCon Preview, including: Detective (Portal Games), Tidal Blades (Druid City Games), Terraforming Mars: Prelude (Stronghold Games) and many more! We close the episode with a hilarious Questions from a Hat with Cat… But this time we add another incredible ingredient – Jordan (Boardgame Bella).

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Episode Timeline:

00:00:47 – Intro / Banter

00:17:20 – TNT: Then

00:19:20 – TNT: Now – Featuring Star Trek Ascendancy & Imaginarium

00:56:25 – TNT: Tomorrow – Featuring Rurik & Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seeds

01:13:29 – Join us at the Inside Up Games booth at GenCon!

01:15:30 – 2018 GenCon Preview

02:20:40 – Feature Segment: Questions from the Hat with Cat (and Jordan)

Game Timestamps:

1960: The Making of the President – 00:23:35
Deck of Justice – 01:02:15
Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game – 01:33:50
Don’t Mess with Cthulhu – 01:24:45
Downforce: Danger Circuit – 01:37:35
Imaginarium – 00:50:32
Imhotep – 00:33:50
Imhotep: A New Dynasty – 00:38:50
Indictment – 01:47:50
Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seeds – 00:59:30
Rise of Queensdale – 01:52:08
Role Quest – 00:57:00
Rurik: Dawn of Kiev – 01:05:40
Shipshape – 01:44:05
Song of Ice & Fire – 01:31:30
Star Trek Ascendancy – 00:43:10
Star Trek Fluxx – 01:43:30
Symphony #9 – 01:49:55
Terraforming Mars: Prelude – 01:29:35
Tidal Blades – 01:45:55
Tower of Madness – 01:27:30
Treasure Island – 01:39:30
Victory & Glory: Napoleon – 01:49:00

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GenCon Preview @ 01:15:30