Episode 113 : Abomination Board Game Review

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 10/25/19

This episode is brought to you by PowerMeeps.com, Academy Games, Arcane Wonders and Van Ryder Games. Year in and year out our “Horror in the War Room” episodes are a huge favorite – both to us and the Brawlers in Brawling Land.  This year is no different, as we took the opportunity to produce a radio drama written by Evan Derrick of Van Ryder Games.  No Halloween episode would be complete without a visit from Dracul and Igor – but this year we take the visit to Transylvania! Our deep dive Abomination Board Game review is the center of our board game talk – we also discuss our recent plays of: Gates of Delirium, Horrified, What Came First and Slide Quest.  We briefly highlight a few of our favorite kickstarter projects, including the Fresco Mega Box, The Shores of Tripoli, Calico and Rome & Roll.

abomination board game review

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 — Intro
0:08:10 — Cat joins us for the Intro!
0:18:41 — Dracula and Igor Show Part 1 (Intro)
0:28:05 — TNT – Then — BB Announcments (Josh’s Scary Story, ULF, ATBCON2020)
0:38:33 — TNT – NOW — ft Gates of Delirium. Abomination, Horrified & more!
1:05:43  — Dracula and Igor Show Part 2 (Wolfman Call-in)
1:52:30 — TNT – TOMORROW — ft Fresco, Rome & Roll, The Shores of Tripoli
2:08:12 — Dracula and Igor Show Part 2 (Best Games to Play on Halloween)
2:16:14 — The Churro Zone – The Final Twilight (by Evan Derrick)

Game Timestamps:

Abomination  – 1:27:11
Calico – 2:04:30
Fresco Mega Box – 1:52:30
Gates of Delirium – 0:38:33
Horrified – 1:11:28
Rome & Roll – 2:05:05
Slide Quest – 0:54:18
The Shores of Tripoli – 1:58:03
What Came First? – 0:48:35

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Abomination Board Game Review @ 1:27:11