Episode 97 : Architects of the West Kingdom Review

architects of the west kingdom review

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 2/26/19

This episode is brought to you by PowerMeeps.com and Van Ryder Games. We announce upcoming livestreams (join us at brawlingbrothers.com/live) and we need you to join us!  A listener sends a heartfelt package and things get heavy for a moment in War Room Studios. We have NEW Lowball Glasses and if you don’t want to miss your chance to acquire one, you’d better order now! We flash back to games we were playing this week last year, including Godfather and 7th Continent – talk about the games we are playing NOW, including Forum Trajanum, The Big Dig and Railroad Ink.  Then we hang out with Evan Derrick of Van Ryder Games and play an exciting (and embarrassing) game, talk about the upcoming Season 2 Graphic Novels and then look at Blowback from The Enigma Emporium. We wrap up the episode with our much anticipated Architects of the West Kingdom from Renegade Games.

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Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 — Intro / Banter
0:04:15 — Brawling Brothers Twitch Streaming
0:10:45 — New Limited Edition BB Lowball Glasses
0:15:45 — VM with Baker – Brawling Brothers Blend Survey
0:20:40 — Special letter sent to WarRoom Studio from IceMan23
0:29:20 — TNT – THEN — WarRoom Redeux
0:45:40 — TNT – NOW
1:33:21 — TNT – TOMORROW
2:18:12 — Feature Segment : Architects of the West Kingdom Review
2:22:42 — Feature Segment : Feature review : GamePlay Overview
2:24:52 — Feature Segment : Feature review : Artwork / Production
2:29:32 — Feature Segment : Feature review : Theme
2:31:50 — Feature Segment : Feature review : Game Play and Strategy
2:44:22 — Feature Segment : Feature review : Variability / Replayability
2:50:32 — Feature Segment : Feature review : Final Thoughts JOSH
2:53:15 — Feature Segment : Feature review : Final Thoughts BRANDON

Game Timestamps:

11 Nimmnt! – 0:29:20
7th Continent – 0:33:30
Architects of the West Kingdom – 2:18:12
Forum Trajanum – 0:53:28
Naga Raja – 1:12:25
Railroad Ink – 1:03:10
Seafall – 0:45:40
The Big Dig – 1:27:20
The Godfather – 0:40:22
Treasure Island – 1:17:49
Van Ryder Graphic Novels S2 – 2:06:15
Wish you were here / Blowback – 1:33:21

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Architects of the West Kingdom Review @ 2:18:10