2020 Board Game of the Year – Episode 147
Beyond the Sun Review

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 5/11/21

This episode is brought to you by Grand Gamers Guild & PowerToTheMeeple.comJoin Josh and Brandon as they explores the very edges of the galaxy in their Beyond the Sun Review!  If a review of one AAA-title isn’t enough for you, how about TWO?  We dive deep with our Dwellings of Eldervale review and discuss the true mystery in this episode – the mystery of The Mystery Stick!  Josh and Brandon close up the show with the long awaited 2020 Board Game Awards!  Tune in to find out what game wins GAME OF THE YEAR, Brawlers Choice, BADASS Brawler of the Year and much more!

beyond the sun review

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 – Intro / Banter
0:05:00 – Discord Highlights
0:09:15 – Mystery Stick
0:19:32 – TNT – NOW : ft. Beyond the Sun Review
1:01:00 – TNT – TOMORROW : ft. Dice of Dragons
1:07:48 – Feature Segment : Brawling Brothers Board Game Awards 2020

Board Game Timestamps:

Beyond the Sun Review – 0:19:32
Dice of Dragons – 1:01:00
The Dwellings of Eldervale – 0:37:57

Beyond the Sun Review @ 0:19:35

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