The Brawlers Blend 2020 – Episode 132

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 8/25/20

This episode is brought to you by  Last year the Brawlers (our mixologists!) put together the finest blend of board games ever created.  It was dubbed the Brawlers Blend 2019 and became the standard for user-curated board game lists, all while boasting after-notes of vanilla and brown-sugar. Enter 2020 – the year of the BEAST. We knew we had to do something big – something even bigger than previous, so we scoured the countryside for those most capable of creating a delicious blend that could supplant the amazingly delicious work that we had previously created. Enter Mix Master Baker and Data-Lord Noel. Charged with creating something truly unique – something refreshing yet breathtaking. Mix Master Baker and Data-Lord Noel worked day and night to gather the information needed to create such a unprecedented experience, and we are here today to present the finest yet – The Brawlers Blend 2020! Join us in episode 132 to discover all of the Brawlers very favorite boardgames!

brawlers blend 2020

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 – Intro / Banter
0:01:54 – Capt Cankles
0:05:00 – Camp Capstone
0:06:40 – Curious Cargo Playthrough
0:36:55  – TNT – NOW : Featuring The Great American Hero + Slice and Dice Pizzeria
1:10:00  – TNT: TOMORROW
1:23:30  – Feature Segment : Brawlers Blend 2020 with Baker and Noel

Board Game Timestamps:

Alhambra – 0:50:10
Blood Rage – 1:48:25
Brass – 1:46:50
Castles of Burgundy – 1:55:35
Concordia – 2:04:35
Decrypto – 0:39:50
Dot Dot Dot – 0:31:04
Gloomhaven – 2:10:45
Great Western Trail – 1:53:30
Kosmos Adventure Games – Monochrome INC – 0:57:42
Marco Polo 2 – 1:04:16
Mecardo de Lisboa – 1:10:00
Nottingham – 0:35:10
Orleans – 2:02:30
Scythe – 2:06:20
Terraforming Mars – 2:13:45
Vinyl : Jukebox – 1:18:15
Viticulture – 1:52:50

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The Brawlers Blend 2020 @ 1:23:30