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ManBearPig Artwork by Kwanchai Moriya


After a poll on the guild to establish interest, we decided to proceed with artwork for a new t-shirt.  We approached one of our favorite artists in all of boardgaming, Kwanchai Moriya (Catacombs, Island Hopper, Isle of Monsters, Kodama, Capital Lux) and asked him to let his imagination run wild and give us the true ManBearPig.  We are absolutely tickled at how this amazing piece came out!

T-shirts with this design will be offered in the near future…. We are currently working out the details and will post here and on the guild just as soon as everything is arranged.

Thanks to everyone for the amazing support – oh, and #ManBearPigLives

cloak and meeple

Proud Recipients of Cloak and Meeple Seal of Excellence!

cloak and meepleLast month our friends over at Cloak and Meeple honored us by making us one of the first ever to receive their new Seal of Excellence.  We are both excited and flattered to be recognized by someone else in Boardgame Media that understands the time and effort that our content takes to create.

Here is what Cloak and Meeple had to say about Brawling Brothers:

One of my favorite board game podcasts! The Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast. I have been a listener since episode 1. Josh and Brandon are very entertaining with their banter and I love to hear their opinions and experiences with games (and beef sandwiches). While the podcast is sometimes NSFW, it is a great way to spend your commute to work or when driving around town.

Cloak and Meeple does an amazing job creating video review and previews for upcoming kickstarter games and we recommend you check out their youtube channel.  Hats off to Brian for this prestigious award, we are truly honored!

crazy carts

Portal announces Crazy Karts at GAMA