Episode 110 : Clank Legacy Review

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 9/10/19

This episode is brought to you by PowerMeeps.com and Van Ryder Games.  We’ve been teasing it for a month now and its FINALLY time to unveil our full length, deep dive, spoiler-free Clank Legacy Review!  This game has completely dominated the gaming table here in the War Room and we are so excited about this review that we brought in the lovely Boardgame Bella to tell us about her experiences!  We also report on our recent plays of Artemis Project, Dragon Castle, Master of Orion, Edge of Darkness and more! Finally, we’ve located someone who specializes in repairing Dark Tower towers – Andre will be repairing the broken tower here in the War Room, and he’s available to help you with yours as well!  Visit Andre at DarkTowerGamesForSale.com – let him know we sent you and he’ll take good care of you. #boardgames

clank legacy review

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 – Intro
0:06:15 – Call out to David with MvM
0:08:21 – The BAKE OFF
0:21:40 TNT – Then — Featuring The Dark Tower
0:44:31 TNT – NOW — Featuring Artemis Project
1:59:35 TNT – TOMORROW
2:09:00 Feature Segment : Feature – Clank! Legacy Review w/ Jordan
2:09:51 Clank! Legacy Review – Rules Overview
2:24:26 Clank! Legacy Review – Theme
2:31:12 Clank! Legacy Review – Production
2:33:43 Clank! Legacy Review – Replayability / Variability
2:38:06 Clank! Legacy Review – Gameplay / Strategy
2:46:49 Clank! Legacy Review – Fun Factor
2:49:54 Clank! Legacy Review – Josh Final Thoughts
2:55:57 Clank! Legacy Review – Jordan Final Thoughts
2:57:30 Clank! Legacy Review – Brandon Final Thoughts

Game Timestamps:

Artemis Project – 1:23:55
Captain Sonar Upgrade 1 Pack – 1:44:12
Clank! Legacy Review – 2:09:00
Dragon Castle – 0:44:31
Edge of Darkness – 1:08:22
Game of Thrones : Oath Breaker – 1:51:47
Gungong + Panjun – 2:03:45
Master of Orion – 0:57:02
Snowdonia – 0:54:19
Tapestry – 1:59:35
The Dark Tower – 0:21:40
The Evil Dead #2 – 2:01:56

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Clank Legacy Review @ 2:09:00