Episode 71 : Court of the Dead Mourners Call Review

court of the dead mourners call review

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 4/17/18

This episode brought to you by Tasty Minstrel GamesBoardGameTables.com & Meeple Realty.  Josh is (relatively) healthy and back at the controls.  We have an impressive and exciting list of games we’ve recently been playing including City of Kings, Feudum and Microscope.  We preview some exciting kickstarters like The Estates, Railroad Revolution and the incredible Graphic Novel Adventures from Van Ryder Games.  We wrap up the episode with our Court of the Dead Mourners Call Review and a nice discussion with James Hudson of Druid City Games (who is running the Mourners Call kickstarter).  Tune in and hear about one of the hottest games you’ve never heard about!

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Episode Timeline:

00:00:42 – Intro / Banter

00:14:35 – Then: Yokohama

00:23:00 – Now: Featuring City of Kings & Feudum

01:05:20 – Tomorrow: Featuring Graphic Novel Adventures

01:18:40 – Giveaway (Game Surplus and Van Ryder Games)

01:27:10 – Feature Segment – Court of the Dead Mourners Call with James Hudson

Game Timestamps:

City of Kings – 00:37:55
Court of the Dead Mourners Call Review – 01:32:35
Feudum – 00:25:15
Graphic Novel Adventures – 01:07:19
Grizzled – 00:31:00
Grizzled: At Your Orders – 00:31:00
History of the World – 01:05:30
Microscope – 00:48:45
Railroad Revolution – 01:12:30
The Estates – 01:15:40
Yokohama – 00:15:15

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Court of the Dead Mourners Call Review @ 01:21:55