Episode 84 : Deep Dive Detective Board Game Review

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 10/2/18

This episode is brought to you by Maple Games. In the co-operative game Detective, each of you play an investigator working for Antares National Investigation Agency. You are going to gather information, deduce clues, and follow leads in order to solve multiple cases which are represented in the game by a deck of cards. At the end of each case, you will answer questions to gain victory points. You will win or lose the game based on the number of victory points you have earned. Find out what Josh and Brandon think in their Detective Board Game Review!

Tune in and find out what Josh and Brandon think as they dive deep into gameplay and mechanics in this modern crime board game – Detective Board Game Review!

Episode Timeline:

Intro / Banter0:00:00
Discussion about Real Life True Crime0:01:30
Japanese Bank Heist : Sasamichi Hirasawa0:04:28
Our Fav Real True Crime Mentions0:12:05
Maple Games : Dragon Boats0:15:18
Detective Board Game Review :Flavour0:18:07
Detective Board Game Review : Game Overview / Rules0:18:48
Detective Board Game Review : Art / Presentation / Theme0:28:24
Detective Board Game Review : Gameplay / Strategy0:30:34
Detective Board Game Review : Replayability / Variability0:38:24
Detective Board Game Review : Player Interaction0:40:21
Detective Board Game Review : Final Thoughts0:42:17
Detective Board Game Reiew : Verdict = Josh0:50:53
Detective Board Game Review : Verdict = Brandon0:54:08

Game Timestamps:

Detective Boardgame Review : 00:18:48

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Detective Board Game Review @ 00:18:48

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