the grizzled review

Brawling Brothers Board Game Podcast – Episode 15 : Trench of Misery – The Grizzled Review

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 11-10-15

Suffering from a candy related hangover, we discuss the awesome reception to our Halloween episode, give thanks where thanks is due and discuss why parents “check” childrens candy.      We run through a lengthy “What we played” – which includes some crappy early 80’s game that Josh acquired, dexterity games and how they don’t necessarily mix well with alcohol,  and the wonders that are Mysterium!  We dedicate a good block of time to review the cooperative game, The Grizzled from Cool Mini Or Not.  And we wrap up the show with an intimate and always entertaining segment of answering listener submitted Questions – including Grail Games, questions about our name, and Games we own that we (still) haven’t played! Enjoy the craziness, folks! #brosbeforechurros

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Episode highlights:

Our show is our show, DAMNIT! – Thanks to Mitch T for the awesome fan faction – Why parents “inspect” kids candy – – Boardgame Variety Hour – What we played, including All Creatures Big and Small, Catacombs and Mysterium – The Village People?!? – A friendly reminder on where to find us – A message from a French Soldier – A somber look at World War One – An in depth review of The Grizzled – Due Credit Where Due Credit is Due – User submitted questions – Grail Games – Questions about our name – Games to remove from the others collection – Games in our collection we (still) haven’t played – The Whiskey Drenched Shirt – Charity Fundraiser ideas (ugghh) – CALL US! 575-616-BROS

The Grizzled Review

Episode Timeline:

00:00:36 – Intro

00:04:07 – We are who we are

00:19:45- What Did We Play?! Torpedo Alley (Run)

00:22:22 – What Did We Play?! All Creatures Big and Small 

00:28:33 – What Did We Play?! Catacombs

00:38:19 – What Did We Play?! Mysterium

00:44:25 – Where to find us!

00:51:53 – The Grizzled Intro

00:53:23 – The Grizzled Review

1:44:35 – Brawling and Boardgamin’ Feature segment: Listener Questions – ANSWERED!