bggcon 2015 highlights

Brawling Brothers Board Game Podcast – Episode 16 : May The Rust Be With You – BGGcon 2015 Recap

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 12-08-15

After a month away from the microphone, we sit back down and attempt to record something meaningful.  It turns out rust collects on an average broadcaster quicker than it does on a C-3PO.  Join us as we fight through the rust and recall all of the very best moments from BGGCon 2015 – from Whiskey and Barbeque, to scotch crawls and drunken Castles of Burgundy, to stacks of old games with new friends – we relive all of the best moments from our favorite con of the year!  #brosbeforechurros

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Episode highlights:

Spastic Christmas Lights – Star Wars?  STAR WARS! – Circle Gets the Square! – Why would you FLY IN bread? – A minor rules dispute… Minor – CAGE MATCH! – A listener contest from Mayday Games! – CALL US! 575-616-BROS – A very interesting listener call-in turns into a perspective new Intern – Big dudes in a little plane – Brandon is NO rules expert – The Grizzled? WE WIN! – GLORIOUS Game Library – Dexterity Games, Party Games, Social Deduction Games, OH MY! – Scotch Crawling – Czechoslovakian Hooch – Drunken Castles of Burgundy? NOPE! – Touring the vendor hall – Does Time Stories live up to the hype? – “Captain, theres no Nukes in the tube!” – The 13th floor? No LOUD GAMES SHALL BE PLAYED HERE! – KEMEEEET. KEEM EEET – Hard Eight BBQ is insane, so are the guys from Docking Bay 94 – Final thoughts? A tad emotional! – #boardgamingfamily

BGGCon 2015 Recap Show

Episode Timeline:

00:00:36 – Intro

00:02:55 – Star Wars: May The Rust Be With You

00:05:04- BGGcon “Celebrity Bingo” courtesy of Patrick H.

00:06:59 – Quest for the Beef Sandwich: Filling Philly’s

00:08:49 – Rules Dispute turns into a Cage Match: Age of Discovery

00:18:19 – Listener Contest: Viceroy from Mayday Games

00:21:41 – Listener Call-in of the week: A new Challenger Appears!

00:28:05 – Feature Segment: BGGcon 2015 Recap – Wednesday

00:55:20 – BGGcon 2015 – Thursday

1:18:54 – BGGcon 2015 – Friday

1:40:04 – BGGcon 2015 – Saturday

2:03:19 – BGGcon 2015 – Sunday

2:12:00 – BGGcon 2015 – Final Thoughts – SHOUT OUTS!