mysterium review

Brawling Brothers Board Game Podcast – Episode 17 : Holiday Beverage Bottle Castle

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 12-22-15

Christmas Cheer fills the air during Episode 17 – We discuss the annual Brawling Brothers VIP party… Did you know if you call a party a “VIP Party” better booze are abundant?!  We unveil our BGG Secret Santa targets and tell the world about the awesome gifts we received in return.  Our plays of Mysterium have been quite interesting – what does our review hold?  An embarrassing Christmas gift to all of our listeners – A holiday song just for you.  We start a Brawling Brothers tradition with a virtual game of Paper / Rock / Scissor – the prize? A shiny new copy of Viceroy from our friends at Mayday Games

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Episode highlights:

A white out in Albuquerque – The Brawling Brothers Holiday Blend – Vanilla with hints of pine needles – Warm Shrimp – Colonel Jessup has a competitor – Drunken Hula Hooping – Drunken Force Effect Lightsabers – Brawling Brothers Cologne – Secret Santas EVERYWHERE –  Josh has no clue how to Secret Santa – Mysterium Review of supernatural proportions – Santas Gift Bag of Holding – Kailey says Two Two – Josh is super immature – VIRTUAL Paper Rock Scissor (riveting!) – Our pleas to Santa

Mysterium Review

Episode Timeline:

00:00:36 – Intro

00:04:29 – Annual Brawling Brothers VIP Party

00:28:35 – BGG Secret Santa Results

00:44:21 – Mysterium Review

01:38:35 – Our gift to you – Joshy / Brandon Baby

01:41:42 – Virtual Paper/Rock/Scissor – The reward?  Viceroy from Mayday Games

01:47:52 – Feature Segment : Pleas to Santa