Brawling Brothers Board Game Podcast – Episode 18 : Shaken Not Stirred

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 1-12-15

Brandon is sick, hardware is on the fritz and we are rust as hell – but the show MUST GO ON!  We highlight our Christmas break plays and acquisitions.  We get another call from our aspiring Scottish intern – Mobley.  We have concerns about Mobley, primarily his power hungry nature… We have to figure out a way to knock him down a notch or 3!  Our new years resolution is to do more giveaways on the show, and we’ve partnered with our buddies at Floodgate Games to bring an awesome giveaway to our listeners – that starts now!   We visit with Paul Grogan from to learn more about teaching games and we pick his brain on Codenames, Vlaada Chvatil.  We follow this discussion up with our Codenames review and wrap up the show handing out our awards for “Game of the Year”.

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Episode highlights:

Brandon is Sick (Sorry!) – Hardware Meltdown – Christmas Plays and Acquisitions – The logistics around a Scottish Intern are daunting – Mobley has no love for our rating system – Giveaways galore! – Interview with Paul Grogan – Rapid Fire Round – Codenames Review – Our Games of the year!

Codenames Review

Episode Timeline:

00:00:36 – Intro

00:03:33 – What Did We Play / Acquire

00:29:57 – Our Aspiring Scottish Intern Checks In

00:38:25 – Giveaways – courtesy of Floodgate Games

00:43:21 – Interview with Paul Grogan –

01:12:58 – Get to Know Paul – Rapid Fire Round

01:21:05 – Codenames Review

01:51:00 – Feature Segment : Games of the Year