orleans review

Brawling Brothers Board Game Podcast – Episode 19 : Giant Box of Stuff

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 1-26-15

Brandon ordered a big box of goodies from our buddies at Time Well Spent Games and Josh can’t wait to find out whats inside.  We discuss games we’ve been playing, games we’ve acquired, and a special dinner with Edward from Heavy Cardboard.  We take a walkthrough medieval France with our buddy, Jacques – and then get into our review of Orleans from Tasty Minstrel Games.  We host another virtual paper-rock-scissor cage-match to determine the winner of Vault Wars from Floodgate games, and announce our newest giveaway from our friends at Czech Games Edition. Finally we sit down for a late night chat with our buddies from Boards Alive Podcast.

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Episode highlights:

Big Box of Goodies – Time Well Spent Games – Heavy Cardboard – BoardgameLinks.com – Orleans Review – Cagematch Paper-Rock-Scissors – Free Game Announcement – Boards Alive

Orleans Review

Episode Timeline:

00:00:36 – Intro

00:08:43 – What Did We Play / Acquire

00:32:54 – Dinner with Heavy Cardboard

00:43:00 – Introduction: Orleans

00:44:30 – Review: Orleans

01:27:42 – Paper, Rock, Scissor – Vault Wars from Floodgate Games

01:32:46 – Giveaway Announcement – Codenames from Czech Games Edition

01:34:55 – Feature Segment:  The Boys from Boards Alive

02:04:39 – Get to Know Boards Alive – Rapid Fire Round