blood rage review

Brawling Brothers Board Game Podcast – Episode 20 : Crusty Cube Pusher

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 2-9-16

In our 20th episode we celebrate LIFE!  Somehow we’ve managed not to kill each other. Yet.  Josh and his group takes a trip to Santa Fe, only to get cut off at the bar.  Their evening is capped off with Carne Adovada and a few more drinks – this time they are on fire!  Brandon is much less exciting, thanks to a recent diet.  He does have Skinny Pop popcorn though!  One of our listeners gets a ding, and Mobley calls back to show off his review skills.  We are sick of our format and make some much needed changes to ensure the show has our free-flowing feel!  We unveil a new segment called Past – Present – Future (Working Title), and desperately need you to help us name it!  Our feature game of the episode is Blood Rage from Cool Mini or Not, and we both have STRONG opinions on it.  We finish up with a fun section where we take 20 questions in 20 minutes – question #20 is a special treat, so stay tuned til the very end!

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Episode highlights:

Santa Fe – Cut off – Gut Bomb – Flaming Drinks – Diets – Skinny Pop Popcorn – Docking Bay Appearance – Listener Ding – Mobleys Review – Format Change – Past – Present – Future – Kickstarter – Sponsorship – Blood Rage Review – Meeple Realty Inserts – Kissinger – Giveaways – 20 Q’s including OUTTAKES!

Blood Rage Review – 1:15:19

Episode Timeline:

00:00:36 – Intro

00:09:25 – Docking Bay 94 Podcast

00:13:04 – Mobley’s Corner

00:18:08 – Format Change

00:28:35 – Past, Present, Future (Working Title)

00:39:45 – This episode brought to you by

00:44:18 – Present

00:59:39 – Future

01:15:19 – Featured Game: Blood Rage by Cool Mini or Not

01:35:35 – Viking Heim Insert for Blood Rage by Meeple Realty

01:45:01 – Guest Call: Henry Kissinger

01:46:10 – Giveaway Announcement: Parenthood

01:51:53 – Feature Segment: 20 Questions with Josh & Brandon