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Episode 24 : New Time Players – Jamie Keagy of The Secret Cabal

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 4-12-16

Somehow, some way we have survived a FULL YEAR together.  This episode is filled with warm wishes from our listeners, and other folks in boardgame media such as:  Rodney Smith of Watch it Played, Heavy Cardboard, Blue Peg Pink Peg, Tantrum House, Gaming Rules!, Boards Alive, Low Player Count and more!  Listen in as Brandon gives Josh nothing but disappointment as a 1 year anniversary gift.  The guys discuss their health woes and saving nuns from burning buses.  Man bear pig just won’t go away, but the show is now complete with awesome TNT bumper music!  Its a presidential cage match in our THEN segment and Brandon insists that Josh needs training wheels during NOW.  Our tomorrow segment is short and sweet, highlighting some of our favorite projects currently on Kickstarter.  We spend an entire segment reflecting on some of our favorite moments from the past year, before we sit down for a preposterous conversation with Mr. Jamie Keagy of The Secret Cabal.

Episode Timeline:

00:00:00 – This episode sponsored by Meeple Realty

00:00:07 – Well wishes from Rodney Smith – Watch It Played

00:00:43 – Intro

00:03:57 – Well wishes from Heavy Cardboard

00:09:23 – Well wishes from Docking Bay 94

00:16:08 – Meeple Realty announces Carson City Big Box Insert

00:18:22 – Random Acts of Kindness Chains on BGG

00:21:30 – Well wishes from Blue Peg Pink Peg

00:25:18 – TNT Discussion

00:26:04 – THEN – Featuring 1960: Making of a President

00:46:52 – NOW – Featuring Trickerion

01:00:55 – Well wishes from Tantrum House

01:09:18 – Well wishes from Gaming Rules!

01:16:23 – TOMORROW – Featuring Santorini

01:23:42 – Well wishes from Boards Alive

01:28:28 – Well wishes from Cloak & Meeple

01:29:15 – A warm and fuzzy reflection into the last 12 months

02:01:56 – Well wishes from Low Player Count

02:03:50 – Feature Segment – Jamie Keagy of The Secret Cabal

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The Secret Cabal Jamie Keagy @ 2:03:50