Episode 34 : Scythe Review & Undead Viking Interview

scythe review

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 9/13/16

This episode brought to you by Tasty Minstrel GamesBoardgameTables.com and Meeple Realty – Brandon Robot Boy, the ultimate in board game ideas?! We have some of the sexiest Tail Feather minis in ALL THE LAND thanks to listener Brian Fay.  Josh suggests we give a yearly Golden Churro to our most dedicated, helpful and overall awesome listener.  One of our listeners has issues with Josh’s definition of Cheesesteak (again). It turns out that Green Chile is NOT the same as Red Pepper.  Man Bear Pig – A celebration of Brawling Brother idiocy.  Blue Peg Pink Peg has a footrace against TJ “Firebeard” Terry.  Brandons Uber Driver is EVILLL. And bear attacks are nothing to mess around with! We present our Scythe review in EPIC fashion, Announce an exciting partnership with TMG and wrap up with a hilarious interview with Lance “Undead Viking” of Tasty Minstrel Games.

Episode Timeline:

00:00:00 – This episode sponsored by Tasty Minstrel GamesBoardGameTables.comMeeple Realty

00:00:40 – Intro + Banter

00:03:00 – Tail Feathers Minis

00:15:57 – Man Bear Pig Shirt Announcement

00:24:01 – BoardGameTables.com – The Premiere Boardgame Accessory

00:25:01 – Then: Gencon Wrap-up (Part 2)

00:44:11 – Now

01:11:54 – Tomorrow – Featuring Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black

01:10:50 – An engineering masterpiece by Meeple Realty – Trickerion Theater

01:13:36 – Feature: Gencon 2016 Recap

01:23:32 – Flavor: Scythe

01:27:52 – Scythe Review

02:10:52 – Our partnership with Tasty Minstrel Games

02:16:09 – Lance “Undead Viking” Myxter Interview

03:05:50 – RAPID FIRE with Undead Viking

Game Timestamps:

Chimera Station – 02:51:00
Dominant Species – 03:04:00
Eldritch Horror – 03:04:30
Game of Thrones – 03:02:15
Happy Salmon – 00:59:59
IceCool – 00:52:05
Scythe – 01:27:52
Summit – 00:31:43
The Others – 01:04:10
Through The Ages – 00:45:20
Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black – 01:11:54

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Scythe Review @ 1:23:32