The Feld Collection – Hamburg & Amsterdam – Episode 131

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 8/11/20

This episode is brought to you by and Van Ryder Games. Well folks, our power problems are fixed thanks to Brawlers Kevin, ULF, Tim Root, Sal and Baker (ALLL THE BAKERS!). We discuss our upcoming adventures in Camp Capstone and learn about a nasty injury that Josh mysteriously received. Thanks to recent plays by Brandon and Jordan,  THEN is a flashback to a true classic – Agricola!  The NOW segment is full of gaming goodness, including a new Crossroads title from Plaid Hat Games, Forgotten Waters. We wrap the show chatting with Travis Reynolds of Queen Games.  Travis schools us in the ways of Craft Beer before he tells us all about the upcoming Feld Collection that will be hitting Kickstarter in mid-August.

feld collection - hamburg & amsterdam

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 Intro / Banter
0:08:45 Check in with the BB Guild
0:14:00 Gifts to WarRoom Studios
0:19:02 Camp Capstone
0:23:40 TNT – Then — ft. Agricola
0:40:35 TNT – NOW
1:42:00 TNT – TOMORROW — Hero Quest, Fuzzies and Fantasy Flight (OH MY!)
2:02:45 Van Ryder Games – Final Girl Pledge Manager
2:04:55 Feature Segment : Travis from Queen Games – Stefan Feld Collection

Board Game Timestamps:

Agricola – 0:23:40
Dealt – 1:01:01
Descent: Legends of the Dark – 2:00:20
Forgotten Waters – 1:24:38
Hero Quest Legacies – 1:51:58
Key Forge: Dark Tidings – 1:57:00
Key to the Kingdom – 1:47:30
Marvel Champions – 1:58:00
RallyMan GT – 1:06:40
Tapple – 0:56:52
Teotihuacan Expansion : Late Preclassic Period – 1:16:20
The Alpha – 0:40:35
The Fuzzies – 1:42:00
The Menace Among Us – 0:47:55
Twilight Imperium: Prophecy of Kings – 1:55:14
XMEN: Mutant Insurrection – 1:59:25

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Feld Collection – Hamburg & Amsterdam @ 2:05:00