Episode 61 : Fury of Dracula Review
Listener Submitted Halloween Stories

fury of dracula review

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 10/20/17

This episode brought to you by Tasty Minstrel GamesBoardGameTables.com & Meeple Realty.  Year after year “The Horror of the War Room” is one of our very favorite episodes to plan and produce, and this year is no different!  Tune in as we talk about the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, flash back on Mythos Tales from 8th Summit Games, unveil #Uwetober and unveil our unconventional plans for the first ever Brawling Brothers Meetup (at BGGcon 2017). We confess a huge mistake from Episode 60 and beg for forgiveness and then fade into our Fury of Dracula Review.  We produce 2 different user submitted stories, and offer a money back guarantee on your enjoyment of these outstanding pieces of voice acting!  ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?

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Episode Timeline:

00:00:00 – This episode sponsored by Tasty Minstrel GamesBoardGameTables.com & Meeple Realty

00:00:58 – Intro and Banter

00:09:35 – War Room Takeover

00:15:35 – Guild Check-In

00:24:15 – Board Game Tables . com – The ULTIMATE Christmas Present

00:25:15 – TNT: Then – War Room Redux :: Mythos Tales

00:35:04 – TNT: Now

00:58:30 – TNT: Tomorrow – Featuring Near & Far: Amber Mines + Patriots & Redcoats

01:16:15 – Check out the Tasty Minstrel Games Podcast

01:18:37 – Listener submitted Fury of Dracula Story

01:34:00 – Fury of Dracula Review

01:42:52 – Fury of Dracula Review : Theme

02:03:55 – Fury of Dracula Review : Strategy

02:08:15 – Fury of Dracula Review : Final Thoughts

02:19:13 – Meeple Realty keeps all your games in order

02:22:03 – Feature Segment: The Churro Zone, 3rd Edition

Game Timestamps:

At the Gates of Loyang – 00:35:20
Detective: City of Angels – 00:49:00
Fury of Dracula Review – 01:34:00
Mysterium – 02:22:03
Mythos Tales – 00:26:00
Near & Far: Amber Mines – 01:14:15
Paramedics: Clear! – 00:42:36
Patriots & Redcoats – 00:58:30
Scythe – 00:15:45
SnapDice – 01:09:12

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Fury of Dracula Review @ 01:34:00