Episode 103 :Gentes Review

gentes review

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 5/28/19

This episode is brought to you by PowerMeeps.com and Van Ryder Games. Josh has some difficulty getting his burritos and Brandon inquires about having his meat smoked.  We announce the ManBearPig promo for Gorus Maximus and discuss other excitement regarding the upcoming Origins Game Fair. In the War Room Redeaux, we cover games from years past – including: Star Wars Rebellion, Mansions of Madness and Secret Hitler. Our NOW segment features Call to Adventure, Photosynthesis, Hex Roller and more! We conclude the episode with our Gentes review – tune in for this full length, deep dive review!

Episode Timeline:

00:00:40 – Introduction

00:12:55 – Gorus Maximus “Man Bear Pig” Promo

00:18:38 – Announcement – Power to the Meeple Contest Winner

00:30:04 – TNT: THEN – Featuring: Star Wars Rebellion

00:51:13 – TNT: NOW – Featuring Call to Adventure

01:35:05 – TNT: TOMORROW – Featuring 7 Souls

01:51:48 – Feature Segment – Gentes Review

Game Timestamps:

7 Souls Rise of the Elder Gods :1:35:05
Call to Adventure : 0:51:13
Castell : 0:46:15
Dragons Interest : 1:43:00
Gentes Review : 1:51:4
Hansa Teutonica : 1:12:00
Hex Roller : 1:19:33
Mansions of Madness : 0:42:15
Photosynthesis : 1:00:45
Secret Hitler : 0:47:47
Star Wars Rebellion : 0:30:04
Survive / Survive Space Attack : 0:49:08
Wits and Wagers : 1:27:40

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Gentes Review @ 1:54:40