Episode 99 : Gold West Review

gold west review

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 3/12/19

This episode is brought to you by PowerMeeps.com and Van Ryder Games.  It’s that time of year again – VOTE FOR US in the BGG Golden Geek Best Podcast of the Year contest! Josh is attacked by tumbleweeds and Brandon receives a box full of Pitch Car goodness!  We talk about the long standing Age of Steam disagreements, unveil the 13 hour game that is Here I Stand, dig deep into Skull King and Brandon breaks the hearts of many calling Teotihuacan “overrated”. Kickstarter is HOT right now – Check out our thoughts on Overbattle (it’s big, bad, and you MUST own it!), Freshwater Fly and Dinos Not Assembled! We go a different direction for our review this month – instead of digging into an exciting new game, we flash back on something from yesteryear and give Gold West from Tasty Minstrel Games the deep dive treatment.

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Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 – Intro / Banter
0:01:45 – Tumbleweed Attack
0:02:49 – Golden Geek Awards
0:07:39 – VOTE for best podcast of the year = Brawling Bros!
0:10:07 – BGG Pay it Forward First (PIFF) Chain – Mr V
0:13:43 – 4 year anniv ; 100 Episode VM Shoutout!! Call 575-616-BROS
0:17:44 – TNT – THEN — Age of Steam
0:34:00 – TNT – NOW — Here I Stand, Railroad Rivals, Teoto*&%%HKJHKUAS
1:41:43 – TNT – TOMORROW — Overbattle, Freshwater Fly, Dinos Not Assembled
2:18:34 – Feature Segment : Feature review : Gold West

Game Timestamps:

Age of Steam – 0:17:44
Black Orchestra – 1:13:51
Dinos Not Assembled – 1:50:27
Freshwater Fly – 1:41:43
Gold West Review – 2:18:34
Here I Stand – 0:34:00
Just One – 0:44:25
OverBattle – 1:56:08
Railroad Rivals – 0:50:17
Skull King – 1:01:22
Teoto*&%%HKJHKUAS (AKA: Teotihuacan) – 1:29:39

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Gold West Review @ 2:18:30