Hallertau Review + Cubitos Review – Episode 142

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 2/23/21

This episode is brought to you by Grand Gamers Guild & PowerToTheMeeple.comJoin Josh and Brandon as they discuss their most recent boardgame plays, including: Our Hallertau review, Cubitos review, Renature and Pillars of the Earth.  We also have dove (head first!) into Pandemic Legacy Season 0…. Tune in for NO other reason than to hear how painful this is for Josh!  Did you know that both Carcassonne AND Ticket to Ride have Anniversary editions coming out this year? We’ll give you all the details! We close out the show with an in depth discussion on…… TELEVISION!  We name our favorite streaming services and discuss the shows that we are completely obsessed with!

hallertau review

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 – Intro / Banter
0:01:25 – Josh uses Opera?!?!
0:06:20 – News ! Board Game Arena
0:17:28 – Power to the Meeple Reservation System
0:19:20 – TNT – THEN : Featuring Pillars of the Earth
0:39:08 – TNT – NOW : Featuring Hallertau Review
1:34:00 – TNT – TOMORROW
1:52:48 – Belgium Beers Race
1:55:44 – Feature Segment : TV and Movie Talk

Hallertau Review @ 1:15:20

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