Episode 87 : Horror in the War Room (v4) (Halloween Special)

halloween special

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 10/24/18

This episode brought to you by Power to the Meeple, Arcane Wonders & Meeple Realty. Year in and Year out the “Horror in the War Room” is one of our very favorite episodes to plan and produce and our 4th annual installment is no different.  Tune in and hear our reenactment listener Jaci Bell’s story “A Proper End – An Eldritch Tale”.  No Halloween special would be complete with Dracul and Igor – so we sent Cat on location to interview them.  We flash back to previous Halloween episodes and discuss Fury of Dracula, Mythos Tales & Gates of Loyang (can anyone say Uwe-Tober?!?). Then check in on the titles that are currently being played, including Eldritch Horror, Church Hill and Pulsar 2849.  Our TOMORROW segment is filled with hot Kickstarters – make sure you check out Street Masters: Aftershock and Tidal Blades now on Kickstarter.

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Episode Timeline:

00:00:46 – Intro / Banter

00:01:40 – Horror in the War Room

00:03:04 – Halloween in War Room Studios

00:10:00 – Cat on Assignment : Translyvania

00:15:23 – Cat on Assignment : Dracul and Igor

00:28:57 – TNT – Then – War Room Redeux

00:52:28 – TNT – Now – Featuring Eldritch Horror, Churchill + more

01:32:24 – TNT – Tomorrow – Featuring Street Masters + Tidal Blades

01:50:48 – Giveaway Conclusion – Stonebound Saga Bundle

01:54:15 – Feature Segment: The Churro Zone – “A Proper End – By Jaci Bell”

Game Timestamps:

Churchill – 01:07:16
Eldritch Horror – 00:52:28
Fury of Dracula – 00:43:23
Gates of Loyang – 00:35:20
Good Critters – 00:51:37
Mythos Tales – 00:30:13
Pulsar 2849 – 01:21:35
Reykholt – 00:36:56
Street Masters: Aftershock – 01:32:24
Tidal Blades – 01:41:42

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Halloween Special @ 01:54:15