Horror in the War Room – Episode 136

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 10/27/20

This episode is brought to you by PowerToTheMeeple.com and Thunderworks Games2020 continues to provide the horror around here – learn all about our newest SCARE in our annual Halloween Episode – Welcome to the Horror in the War Room!  Josh and Brandon get an unexpected voicemail from a seasonal favorite.  Josh spends an evening at 13 Dead End Drive and lives to tell about it.  Spooky games is always the theme around here for Halloween – this year we experienced Paranormal Detectives, The Shining, Mystery House, and the beautiful werewolf game – Armata Strigoi. Our look to the future is an exciting one, featuring Shadow Network, Concordia Digital and Descent: Legends in the Dark. No Halloween celebration would be complete without a spooky story – Happy Halloween, Brawlers! 

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 : Intro / Banter
0:09:15 : VM with Dracul and Eyegore
0:14:35 : TNT – THEN
0:26:23 : TNT – NOW
1:13:41 : TNT – TOMORROW
2:07:50 : Feature Segment : Ghost Story

Board Game Timestamps:

13 Dead End Drive – 0:14:35
Armata Strigoi – 1:11:18
Concordia Digital – 1:38:35
Descent :Legends in the Dark – 1:43:20
Mystery House – 0:59:35
Paranormal Detectives – 0:26:23
Shadow Network -1:13:41
The Shining – 0:39:50

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Dracul @ 0:09:15