Minneapolis, MN – Kid Loves Tiger LLC announced Hunters: Enter the Darkness, a new board game set in the Gothic Horror-inspired world of Wayword.

Hunters: Enter the Darkness is built on the foundation of a miniature board game, with the mechanics of a MOBA Video Game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). MOBA Video games have become increasingly more popular. So it was only natural they would make the transition to table top gaming at some point. The really unique part about Hunters though, is the ability to customize your Champions Loadout, something not seen in MOBA Video Games.

“The transition of the genre to board games requires real innovation with each mechanic”, says designer Chris Peach. “But, one of the things that keeps you motivated with each design choice is the players’ reception to it and of course, the amazing miniatures!”
The Rules and Gameplay of Hunters is an example of what Chris wants from each game they produce. The rules are very easy to learn and follow, both when teaching and learning the game. Gameplay on the other hand, while easy to learn, is something to master. With Objectives and “Winning Conditions”, players need to plan and carefully consider each commitment they make, though the combat system allows for a feel of “anything can happen” too.

Hunters: Enter the Darkness is a game for 2 – 6 Players, ages 13 and older, with a runtime of 45 – 90 minutes. The game includes a Rulebook, Play Guide, 12 Champion Miniatures, 32 Minion Miniatures, 9 double-sided Board Tiles, and 12 Engraved Die, almost 100 Mini Cards, Objective Cards, Champion Cards, Tower Tiles and assorted tokens.