Episode 124 :
Isle of Cats Review + Designer Interview

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 3/24/20

This episode is brought to you by PowerMeeps.com, Academy Games and Van Ryder Games. In our second episode since “social distancing” has began, we check in on each other and discuss ways that we are still able to play boardgames, including a quick dive into some “digital boardgames” such as Terraforming Mars (Steam) and Slay the Spire (Steam).  Josh regails us with his experiences with Monopoly, and offers up a headline for the ages “Touched by Monopoly”. We also present our Isle of Cats Review and discuss the game at length with designer Frank West of City of Games, talk about our most recent play of Pulsar 2849 and take a look at the Night of the Mummy (on Kickstarter NOW!).

isle of cats review

Episode Timeline:

0:00:45 – Intro and Banter
0:03:25 – COVID Social Distnace Board Gaming
0:16:41 – TNT – Then : Touched by Monopoly
0:27:34 – TNT – NOW : Featuring Golden Geek Nominations & Isle of Cats Review
1:05:20 – TNT – TOMORROW : Featuring Night of the Mummy
1:16:37 – Feature Segment : Interview with Isle of Cats Designer, Frank West of City of Games

Board Game Timestamps:

Isle of Cats Review – 0:29:30
Monopoly – 0:16:41
Night of the Mummy – 1:05:20
Overbattle – 1:12:21
Pulsar 2849 – 0:41:55
Slay the Spire – 0:52:15
Terraforming Mars (Steam Version) – 1:00:00

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Isle of Cats Review @ 0:29:30