JessupCon 2020 – Episode 133

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 9/9/20

This episode is brought to you by With the lack of conventions this year, we’ve decided to host 2 or 3 “mini-cons” for our local game group.  The last weekend of August saw us invade the beautiful and mysterious town of Cloudcroft, NM – JessupCon 2020… In the clouds!  Tune in and join special guests Jordan (Boardgame Bella), Johnny and Mo as they discuss our ridiculous accommodations, hordes of delicious food and days upon days of games!  We talk about our first plays of games like Trade on the Tigris, The Magnificent, Barrage and Medici…. And it would be a weekend full of games if we didn’t pull out some Brawling Brothers favorites – we revisit Railways of the World, Brass, Stick ’em, Great Western Trail and so much more!  Join us and some of our best friends as we retell the epic weekend that was JessupCon 2020! We also announce the upcoming Horror in the War Room, Halloween script contest – we want you to contribute!


Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 – Intro / Banter
0:03:18 – The War Room Welcomes the Great American Hero
0:08:35 – Giveaway – and new Giveaway announcement (Hint: Join Our Discord)
0:18:10 – Horror in the War Room Script Submissions
0:23:50 – Power to the Meeple – Summers End
0:25:21 – Feature Segment : JessupCon 2020

Board Game Timestamps:

878 Vikings – 2:23:06
Barrage – 1:55:50
Brass – 1:11:36
Captain Sonar – 1:43:39
Cryptid – 2:14:20
Great Western Trail – 1:34:00
Las Vegas Royale – 2:09:00
Medici – 0:40:00
Railways of the World – 0:53:38
Skull King – 1:22:40
Stickem – 1:22:40
Sushi Go PARTY! – 0:31:30
The Magnificent – 1:04:48
Trade on the Tigris– 0:47:49

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JessupCon 2020 @ 0:25:21