Episode 82 : Deep Dive Luxor Boardgame Review

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 9/18/18

This episode brought to you by Power to the Meeple. On the hunt for priceless treasures, groups of adventurers explore the legendary temple at Luxor. Their ultimate goal is the tomb of the pharaoh, but many treasures can be collected as they search. As they explore, the challenge unfolds: The player who manages to quickly get their team of adventurers to the tomb, while salvaging as many treasures as possible, will be the winner. Luxor offers variable game play as the path that leads to the tomb is different for every game — and will even change during play!

Tune in as Josh and Brandon dive deep into the gameplay and mechanics of this 2018 Spiel des Jahres nominee – Deep Dive Luxor Boardgame Review!

Episode Timeline:

00:00:00 = Intro/ Banter
00:09:14 = Luxor Boardgame Review Flavor
00:10:16 = Luxor Boardgame Rules Overview
00:17:53 = Luxor Boardgame Review : Art / Presentation / Theme
00:22:32 = Luxor Boardgame Review : Strategy / Gameplay
00:34:30 = Luxor Boardgame Review : Variability / Replayability
00:36:32 = Josh’s Final Thoughts on Luxor Boardgame
00:39:19 = Brandon’s Final Thoughts on Luxor Boardgame

Game Timestamps:

Luxor Boardgame Review : 00:10:16

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Luxor Boardgame Review @ 00:10:16