Episode 101 : Man vs Meeple Interview

man vs meeple interview

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 4/30/19

This episode is brought to you by PowerMeeps.com and Van Ryder Games.  Join us as we continue to celebrate our 4 year anniversary celebration! Our special, in-studio guests, Noel, Ludie and Kailey discuss some of the hottest games they have been playing, include Tiny Towns, Wingspan, Bosk and more! We conclude our anniversary celebration with a laugh filed Man vs Meeple Interview!

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Episode Timeline:

0:01:33 – Noel and Ludie Celebrates 4 Years with Us
0:05:12 – VM Shoutout from Baker Board Online
0:08:17 – VM Shoutout from Boardgamergirl
0:10:41 – Josh remembers the champagne filled VIP Game Night Event
0:18:02 – VM Shoutout from Jacob
0:18:40 – Van Ryder Games – Hostage Neg: Career Kickstarter
0:20:43 – VM Shoutout from Van Ryder Games
0:22:17 – TNT – Then — We remember Brawling Brothers past Moments
0:33:27 – VM Shoutout Dracul and Igor
0:34:40 – TNT – NOW — Featuring Concordia, Tiny Towns, Wingspan & more
1:28:57 – Game “Wits End” with Noel and Ludie and Kailey
1:40:41 – TNT – TOMORROW — Featuring God of War, Space Race & Bosk
2:02:19 – VM Shoutout from Chris Game all Night
2:02:53 – Power to the Meeple Giveaway
2:12:23 – VM Shoutout Jay Winter
2:13:05 – Feature Segment : Man vs Meeple Interview
3:02:05 – VM Shoutout Nathan
3:13:22 – Feature Segment : Wits End with Jeremy and David

Game Timestamps:

Arkham Horror 3rd Edition – 0:56:48
Bosk – 1:52:35
Concordia – 0:34:40
God of War – 1:40:41
Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth – 2:42:30
Space Race – 1:47:55
Tiny Towns – 0:49:02
Water Deep Dragon Heist – 1:09:57
Wingspan – 1:12:47
Wingspan – 2:50:00

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Man vs Meeple Interview @ 2:13:05