Episode 51 : Mansions of Madness Review and
Interview with Tony Gullotti (Arcane Wonders)

mansions of madness review

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 5/23/17

This episode brought to you by Tasty Minstrel GamesBoardgameTables.com, Arcane Wonders and Meeple Realty – Josh and Brandon face off in a Hey Off™ after showing concern for Josh’s wet, sweaty head. We announce that we have to do REALLY stupid things on cameras to pay off a bet that we made with our listeners (tutu’s, whipped cream pies, and DOIN’ A THING).  Brandon continues his epic efforts to wax poetic during discussion about current kickstarters Flow of History, Tradewars: Homeworld and Path of Light & Shadow.  The long awaited Mansions of Madness review is lengthy and covers every aspect of this HUGE title – check out what we think. We give away TONS of stuff in the conclusion of our Big Bad Celebration Giveaway from Episode 50 – Tune in to hear who wins STACKS of #boardgames. Then the show is wrapped up with a revealing interview with Tony Gullotti, Director of Sales for Arcane Wonders.

Episode Timeline:

00:00:00 – This episode sponsored by Tasty Minstrel GamesBoardGameTables.com, Arcane WondersMeeple Realty

00:00:43 – Intro and Banter

00:12:32 – Meeple Realty will be at Origins with EXCITING new wares!

00:14:04 – Dead of Winter Promo Giveaway

00:17:15 – TNT – Then : War Room Redeaux – Star Wars Rebellion

00:30:00 – TNT – Now

00:49:37 – TNT – Tomorrow : Flow of History, Tradewars: Homeworld, Path of Light & Shadow

00:59:47 – BoardgameTables.com builds incredible gaming tables!

01:00:42 – Mansions of Madness Review : Flavor and Overview

01:18:05 – Mansions of Madness Review : Theme

01:25:40 – Mansions of Madness Review : Presentation

01:29:20 – Mansions of Madness Review : Game Play & Strategy

01:40:54 – Mansions of Madness Review : Final Thoughts

01:51:28 – Yokohama by Tasty Minstrel Games

01:54:35 – Big Bad Celebration Giveaway Drawing

02:08:16 – Feature Segment – Interview with Tony Gullotti of Arcane Wonders

Game Timestamps:

Bohnanza – 00:48:30
Collectors & Capers – 00:40:20
Concordia – 00:31:20
Flow of History – 00:49:55
Mansions of Madness Review – 01:00:42
Path of Light & Shadow – 00:55:22
Secret Hitler – 00:42:40
Star Wars: Rebellion – 00:19:00
Survive: Space Attack! – 00:35:35
Tradewars : Homeworld – 00:53:00
Tumblin Dice – 00:48:40
Yashima – 02:13:30
Yokohama – 01:51:28

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Mansions of Madness Review @ 01:00:42