Quick Popper – Episode 149
Nemesis Review

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 6/10/21

This episode is brought to you by PowerToTheMeeple.com and Grand Gamers Guild. Now that Brandon has decided to catch up with the rest of the world and finish The Mandalorian, he & Josh discuss the 2nd season of the show in a SPOILER FREE fashion! While we have been busy with travel and interviews related to the last few shows, we have still managed to play some excellent games – We discuss Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates & Raccoon Tycoon (both from designer Glenn Drover), Mountain Goats (Boardgametables.com) & present our Nemesis Review!  We close up the show with a hilarious version of Questions from the Hat with Cat and Boardgame Bella (Jordan).  Come and laugh along with us!

Don’t forget that we need your voicemails for our final episode!  Call us TODAY at 575-616-2767(BROS) and contribute to The Brawling Brothers for the final time!

nemesis review

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 – Intro / Banter
0:05:05 – Quick Popper #1
0:16:10 – The Mandalorian Chat
0:26:26 – VM with Banana Mustang
0:24:50 – TNT – NOW ft. Our Nemesis Review
0:43:52 – Quick Popper #2
1:40:45 – VM With Henry Kissenger / Joe Pilkus
1:41:20 – Feature Segment : Questions with Cat and Jordan

Board Game Timestamps:

Extraordinary Adventures : Pirates – 0:24:50
Mountain Goats – 0:51:30
Nemesis Review – 1:08:41
Racoon Tycoon – 0:58:00

Nemesis Review @ 1:08:41

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