Episode 79 : Pioneer Days Review
2018 GenCon Recap

pioneer days review

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 8/17/18

This episode brought to you by Inside Up Games, Tasty Minstrel Games & Meeple Realty. We are very late with this episode thanks to a rather vicious Ransomware attack on War Room Studios. Tune in for ALL the dirt on how we contracted this nasty bug, and laugh away at the misery that the Brothers have endured while trying to get our systems back up and running. Brandon reports back from Gen Con 2018 with news on all the exciting new games, including War Chest, Root, Everdell, Keyforge, Orbis, Forbidden Sky, Comanauts, Tidal Blades, Gen7 and many more. No episode of Brawling Brothers would be complete without food talk: We’ll tell you a few of the very best places to eat in Indianapolis (including the legendary St. Elmo Steak House). We present our Pioneer Days Review – a dice drafting game from Tasty Minstrel Games that takes place along the perilous Oregon Trail.

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Episode Timeline:

00:00:44 – Intro / Banter

00:16:40 – TNT: Then – Featuring Crude: The Oil Game

00:31:15 – TNT: Now

00:56:25 – TNT: Tomorrow – Featuring Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

01:08:35 – Pioneer Days Review

01:28:32 – Pioneer Days Review – Final Thoughts

01:34:35 – Feature Segment: 2018 Gen Con Recap

Game Timestamps:

Archmage – 01:57:10
Burgle Bros – 00:36:30
Comanauts – 02:11:20
Container – 00:48:35
Critical Mass – 00:31:48
Crude: The Oil Game – 00:18:10
Discover: Lands Unknown – 02:01:50
Everdell – 01:56:50
Forbidden Sky – 02:08:10
Gen7 – 02:18:30
Grimm Masquerade – 01:42:18
Gunkimono – 00:57:18
Keyforge – 01:58:08
Lords of Hellas – 00:42:35
Orbis – 02:06:45
Pioneer Days – 01:08:35
Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid – 01:02:45
Root – 01:55:00
Tidal Blades – 02:15:10
War Chest – 01:45:55

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Pioneer Days Review @ 01:08:35