dark moon review

Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast – Episode 7 : Its 7 People…. SEVEN!

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 7-14-15

So how hot is it in War Room Studio B? So hot it smells like bacon in here!!

It is a day to celebrate from the Meth Capital of the World as we get on discussing nonsense – again… It’s fun for the guys to try to discuss the science behind the BGG.com Top 10 ranking. They abandon that quickly to discuss the games in the BGG Top Ten. The guys induct a new member to the ‘ding’ honorary list of Brawling Bros supporters. Dark Moon finds time to make it to the War Room Table and endures a Brawling Brothers review. Listeners are sending questions in to the show and they are piling up, so the guys take time to get through some of the best questions.

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Episode Highlights:

Josh speaks better Spanish then English – Josh plays weather man – The Canadian Ghost- #BrosBeforeChurros drone delivery – Beef? Nah, Ribs are better! – BGG makes Brandon cry with its web layout – Board Game Geek Tech Support – Bayesian Statistics made simple – There is a Titanic Board Game?! – Top Ten Fun – Additional website work for Brandon – The best of Pandemic Tourney – Dark Moon – War Room Studio B gets a little cooler – Time for some Q+A – Marcoooo…. Polooooo…. – Mega WW2 conflict is coming (get ready Brandon) – Brawling Bros first BGG user gets mentions and thanked – Churros open trade relationships – Does Josh really understand what ‘pasted-on-theme’ means? – Josh likes donuts – Call us @575-616-BROS !!!!!

Dark Moon Review

Episode 7 Timeline:

00:00:40 – Intro

00:06:20 – Beef Sandwich Search Update

00:07:50 – BoardGameGeek.com check-in

00:44:05 – Honorary Ding: Pandemic Tournament Winners

00:49:15 – Dark Moon Review

01:37:22 – Brawling and Boardgamin’ Feature segment: Q&A time