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Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast – Episode 8 : The Day is Mine!

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 7-28-15

Yup, we’re not going to GenCon L … although…. we are looking for someone that is going to GenCon to pick us up a copy of ‘Mysterium’ – Brandon is footing the bill AND he is giving you a ‘special gift’ if you fulfill our wishes.

In this episode, we take a small departure from beef to seafood with our stories about Brandon’s BDay dinner. We get a chance to play 7-player ‘Caverna’. Brandon gets a special BDay gift that is one of the BEST gifts he has ever received! Help us out with GenCon. We get a chance to share some voicemail love. We get around to our review of ‘Viceroy’. We round out the episode with a discussion about the different types of gamers sitting around all the game tables across the world.

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Episode Highlights:

Attempts to introduce the episode in Italian is not working so well for Josh – IT’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I want to (Happy B-Day Brandon) – Boiling Pit of Seafood hotness – Brandon eats like a cannibal – Large man in a little suit – We need the jigsaw! – Super excited to play 7-player Caverna with the celebrity that is Brawling Brothers – Dancing on the table – Ice Cream churro sandwich – Engineers can’t do math – Kemet and Brian are winners! – Brawling Brothers Henchman – Brandon lost his hand but can still use his good hand – Call in to 575-616-BROS and play us your favorite guitar solo – our first 17min voicemail – the Viceroy of War Room studious records an intro – really high scores go out – a ‘ding’ is a good thing – drone sounds – oh how we love all types of gaming personalities – Call us @575-616-BROS !!!!!

Viceroy Boardgame Review

Episode 8 Timeline:

00:00:40 – Intro

00:03:00 – Brandon’s BDay and Fun with Seafood

00:14:29 – 7-Player Caverna

00:34:20 – Honorary Ding: Kemet gift

00:42:15  – Voicemail of the week

00:47:08 – Viceroy Review

01:41:23 – Brawling and Boardgamin’ Feature segment: Different Types of Gamers