specter ops review

Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast – Episode 9 : Raxxon Will Burn!

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM :8-11-15 

We start out talking about… Wait for it… Wait for it…. FOOD!  What an amazing trip to local sandwich shop, Bocadillos We had a familiar voice call in on the guest line – We can’t seem to get rid of him. We offer a quick nod to the boys at Boards Alive for allowing us to create a very fun segment and featuring it in their new variety show, BoardsAlive Monster Mash-Up.  We actually take the time to talk about BOARDGAMES in our “What did we play” segment, where we discuss; Baseball Highlights 2045, Agents of Smersh, Fief: France 1429, Kemet.  We take a very close look at the hugely popular Specter Ops from Plaid Hat Games and present you our Specter Ops Review.  And we wrap up the episode with one of our most excitement feature segments ever: Boardgame Theme Songs – Walk out, Victory and Loss music.

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Episode Highlights:

French/Freedom Fries – Episode 10 Celebration? Questionable –  Peach Milkshakes – AMAZING Beef Sandwiches? – Collide ABQ Blog – Jumping Fences and Breaking Hips – Games by Candlelight – Shufflin’ – A Ding?!? – A new survey on the BGG Guild – Featured on the BoardsAlive Podcast?!? YES! – No Surf Boards – NO BROS – A Dance Off – A drinking contest challenge is made – Colt Express Drinking Game – Our “Stetons” – No balloon popping fetish… Sorry! – Glorified game of War? – Deckbuilder or not? – Excitement down to the VERY LAST CARD! – Josh talks funny – Big Book of Encounters – Stuck at sea – Josh is a Diva – Thief boardgame? – FIFA? Soccer in boardgames?! – Boring history lesson – Rules; OHHH, By the way! – The most sexy Kemet miniatures EVER! –  Robots invade War Room Studio B – A deep look at the very popular Specter Ops – The Brawling Brothers Phoenix makes an appearance – Lots of great tunes – Josh confesses to loving some of Brandons  favorite music – “Emotional, personal nature of our emotions” – Cannons. Cannons Everywhere!!! – Call us @575-616-BROS !!!!!

Specter Ops Review

Episode 9 Timeline:

00:00:40 – Intro

00:06:10 – The Quest For the Beef Sandwich: Bocadillos

00:14:47 – Voicemail of the Week

00:20:45 – Boards Alive – Monster Mash-up

00:27:53 – What Did We Play?! : Baseball Highlights 2045, Agents of Smersh, Fief: France 1429Kemet

00:57:51 – Review Flavor

01:03:03 – Review: Specter Ops

01:49:19 – Brawling And Boardgamin’ Feature Segment:  Boardgame Theme Songs