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Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast
Episode 4:  Quest for the Beef Sandwich

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 5-26-15

Is anyone sick of hearing about Brandon’s love for Pandemic yet? Well if you are, then this episode ain’t for you.. Even though it’s just a short portion of time, we just can’t get away from mentioning Pandemic!

In this episode, we chat for a bit about beef, Mr. Ed and the crash that almost lost Episode 3. We get to flex our improv skills with some impromptu Desert Island themed fun. Brandon just finds enough time to rub it in Josh’s face that Origins is going to be AWESOME! After the jealousy is too much for Josh to handle, the guys have a chat with some old guy that shuffles his way in to War Room weekly. We then discuss our take on Stockpile from Nauvoo Games. And we close this all off with a relatively friendly discussion about how to learn and teach board game rules.

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Episode Highlights:

Smells of a Cucumber – Mr Ed – The Great Audacity Crash of 2015 – mmm buttery bread – Beef Sandwich – Jump the Shark – Communist plane crash – Visiting the Pandas – Origins Game Fair – the Cabal House – Old Man aka Grumpy Gramps shuffles in to War Room Studio B – Games of the Stock Market economy CAN be fun – Ever wanted to hear our suggestions for how to learn/teach rules to boardgames? No? Well, we’re gonna tell you anyway

Stockpile Review

Episode 4 Timeline:

00:07:25 – Intro and the Quest for the Beef Sandwich

00:13:25 – The Latest and Greatest Idea – call us!

00:17:00 – Desert Island

00:34:00 – Origins Game Fair

00:51:00 – Get to know Grumpy Gramps

01:08:20 – Stockpile Review

01:30:30 – Brawling and Boardgamin’ Feature segment: Teaching Rules