Brawling Brothers Podcast – Episode 13 : It’s HUGE! – Essen 2015 Wrapup – World’s Fair 1893 Preview

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 10-13-15

Brandon is a bit under the weather and… Wait… What?! Straight from TRUMPSEN, #TheDonald endorses our show and ITS HUGEEE!  We discuss our recent travels, some untouchable food in the amazing town of NOLA.  Brandon confesses he’d rather play a solo game than sit at a bar. Our “What Did We Play?” list is small thanks to Josh having a minor house emergency.   Brandon and Josh vow to hold a 2 player lock-in, and we need a churro sponsor! Our trip to BGG.con is coming up and we are JUST NOW planning the trip (no script folks, no script!).  We contemplate hijacking a balloon to get to Essen – Next year? Next year!  In the meantime we check in our on favorite Essen releases. We don’t typically do Kickstarter previews, but World’s Fair 1893 deserved our attention (and yours too!).  Lastly we discuss RPG’s and their place in the Boardgaming world.  Are Legacy Boardgames the new RPG? We close out the show with some excellent “flavor” that Josh created years ago for his Descent campaign.

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Episode Highlights:

#TheDonald buys Essen – Brandon is crazy about NOLA – Josh HATES Ham.. Because, ewww! – What the hell is Fido?! – Josh enjoyed a Zombie Movie?!? WHAAA? – Josh is AWFUL at Brandon impersonations – Through the Ages – Space Hulk, Ikuza – Carcassone – Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation – 2 Player Lock-in?! YES! – Josh sings about BGG.con – The guys considering stealing a balloon to get to Essen – We check in on our favorite releases at Essen – PANDEMIC LEGACY – A rare kickstarter preview – RPG’s in Boardgaming – End of the World RPG

Essen 2015 Wrapup

Interested in World’s Fair 1893?

Check out their kickstarter campaign and back this excellent game by Foxtrot Games.

Episode Timeline:

00:00:40 – Intro and Banter

00:00:43 – Brandon is Sick (sorry for the voice!)

00:02:50 – #TheDonald

00:15:44 – Fido

00:21:21 – What Did We Play?

00:55:37 – Essen Wrapup – Our HOT PICKS

01:37:35 – World’s Fair 1893 Feature

02:01:05 – Show us you like us!

02:03:50 – Brawlin’ and Boardgaming: Feature Segment – RPG’s in Boardgaming

02:38:00 – Bonus Content : Josh shows off his Descent Audio Flavor