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Brawling Brothers Podcast – Episode 12 : Light Games Sunday – Noir Black Box Review

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 9-22-15

Our lack of food stories is truly disturbing, but we spice things up with some epic impersonations.  We give a nod to our friends over at Print & Play Games  and discuss our lan party featuring many sweaty dudes stuffed into a small space.  Strangely our “What Did We Play” section is filled with light games ranging from Hanabi to Cosmic Encounter and we briefly discuss each of them.  Our Noir Black Box Review is sure to tickle the AD of listeners who like “puzzly games” (we just made that up). A very special message from the President of the United States (cough) with a ringing endorsement of Campaign Trail. And we wrap up the show with a feature segment that focuses on Experiences OUTSIDE of a game that impacts your long standing opinion on a game.

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Episode Highlights:

Nixon visits War Room Studio B – Dwarfy had an accident and we remembered to tell you about it – Print & Play Games – Dings A PLENTY! – Discussion on Light Game Sunday – Review of Noir: Black Box Edition – A polite request for iTunes Reviews – An epic promo for the sponsor of this episode, Campaign Trail – Events outside the game that effect our longstanding opinion of that game

Noir Black Box Review

Interested in Campaign Trail?

Check out their kickstarter campaign and back this excellent Campaign Strategy game by Cosmic Wombat Games.

Episode Timeline:

00:00:40 – Intro and Banter

00:17:00 – A Shout out to Print and Play Games

00:20:30 – What Did We Play?

00:22:30 – What Did We Play? Hanabi

00:24:36 – What Did We Play? The Resistance

00:33:27 – What Did We Play? Incan Gold

00:37:00 – What Did We Play? Escape

00:39:45 – What Did We Play? Cosmic Encounter

00:49:30 – Noir: Deductive Mystery Game Review

01:22:38 – Interact with us!

01:25:28 – Ringing Endorsement: Campaign Trail

01:29:29 – Brawlin’ and Boardgaming: Feature Segment – Elements Outside The Game That Shape Your Opinion