Power to the Meeple Review – Episode 126

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 5/12/20

This episode is brought to you by PowerMeeps.com, Arcane Wonders and Van Ryder Games.  In this episode Brandon and Josh check in with all the Brawlers who are stuck at home during COVID-19… It turns out that food is a common thread during this unprescidented time, and Josh and Brandon ALWAYS have the inside scoop on food! Nominations are NOW open for the 1st annual Brawlers Choice award – the award that we will be awarding in our next episode to the game that the Brawlers think is the BEST game of 2019.  Final voting for the Brawlers Choice will begin on 5/16 at BrawlingBrothers.com and will conclude at 8pm EST on 5/21 – don’t miss out on your chance to vote for this exciting new award!  Brandon and Josh also interview the owner of Power to the Meeple, for the first time ever!  Learn more about Josh Perry and his online boardgame shop, Power to the Meeple.

power to the meeple

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 – Intro / Banter
0:03:09 – Red Chile With Brandon and Jordan
0:06:03 – VM With Henry Kissenger
0:09:47 – Brawling Brothers Brawlers Choice Award – Nominate and Vote
0:13:00 – Top 100 Games with BoardGameSquad
0:25:27 – Van Ryder Games – Season 3
0:19:02 – TNT – Then — Josh from PowerMeeps joins us for gmaing history
0:36:55 – TNT – NOW — Featuring: Watergate, Reykholt & Fog of Love
1:38:25 – TNT – TOMORROW — Featuring: Dead Reckoning
1:45:54 – Arcane Wonders – Foundations of Rome
1:47:37 – Feature Segment : Conversations with Josh from PowerMeeps

Board Game Timestamps:

Azul – 0:40:29
Dead Reckoning – 1:39:20
Fog of Love – 0:53:25
Gunkimono – 0:41:30
Mecardo De Lisboa – 1:38:25
Pandemic – 0:37:22
Praga Caput Regni – 1:42:10
Reykholt – 1:05:25
The Kings Dilemma – 1:10:49
Ticket to Ride: First Journey – 0:36:55
Watergate – 0:47:25

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Power to the Meeple Review @ 1:47:37