Episode 123 :
The Best Board Games We Played at SaltCon 2020

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 3/24/20

This episode is brought to you by PowerMeeps.com, Academy Games, Arcane Wonders and Van Ryder Games. Despite the disruption to our daily life, we’ve decided that Coronavirus will not interfere with the Brawling Brothers!  In this 123 Episode, we dive deep into Josh’s gaming past to find out what makes him tick.  We discuss recent plays of Planet (Blue Orange), Volcanic Isle (Arcane Wonders), Ticket to Ride: London, Walking in Burano (AEG) and Disney Villainous (Prospero Hall).  We also have the pleasure of looking at a few current Kickstarters, including Overbattle: The All War, Lions of Lydia and Graphic Novel Adventures (Season 3). We wrap up the show with a brief SaltCon 2020 wrap up, focusing on the games we played at the convention, the people we spent time with and – of course – the best food we ate!

saltcon 2020

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 – Intro & Banter
0:07:00 – Johnny & Stack-Up.org
0:09:35 – Snowpiercer TV Show
0:10:35 – 5 Worst Movies of All time (per Josh)
0:19:11 – TNT – THEN : Josh’s Journey into Gaming
0:44:15 – TNT – NOW
1:20:50 – TNT – TOMORROW : Featuring Overbattle
1:59:35 – Feature Segment : SaltCon 2020

Board Game Timestamps:

Anachrony – 2:15:03
Brass: Birmingham – 2:30:30
Graphic Novel Adventures: Season 3 – 1:45:40
Hadara – 2:45:40
Lions of Lydia – 1:50:30
Maracaibo – 2:41:40
Overbattle – 1:23:30
Planet– 0:44:40
Rajas of the Ganges – 2:53:25
Ticket to Ride: London – 1:00:50
Underwater Cities: New Discoveries – 2:04:00
Disney Villainous – 1:11:10
Volcanic Isle – 0:55:30
Walking in Burano – 1:06:30

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SaltCon 2020 Recap @ 1:59:35