The Search for Planet X – Episode 130

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 7/28/20

This episode is brought to you by and Van Ryder Games. In its current state, this episode is JAM packed with boardgames!  Tune in to learn about The Search for Planet X, Noctiluca, Stick ’em, Traintopia, Watson & Holmes and the classic – Castle Panic. We also peek in on some exciting upcoming titles, including: Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, Monster Expedition and the new expansion for Undaunted – Undaunted: Reinforcements.  We chat about our involvement with Camp Capstone, the upcoming online convention put on by our 2019 Publisher of the Year: Capstone Games.  Camp Capstone will be a ton of fun and we are looking forward to MANY Brawlers joining us for their upcoming Brawling Brothers Bourbon & Whiskey night on Saturday, August 15th.  We also announce the Brawlers Blend 2020 – Head on over to our Brawlers Blend 2020 survey to tell us about your favorite games, contribute to the 2020 Blend and get entered to win something special!

the search for planet x

Episode Timeline:

0:00:00 – Intro / Banter
0:17:25 – Power to the Meeple – Summer Shopping
0:18:40 – TNT – Then — Featuring Castle Panic
0:29:35 – TNT – NOW
1:13:09 – TNT – TOMORROW
1:33:35 – Giveaway : Meeple Realty War Chest Tokens
1:37:16 – Van Ryder Games – Final Girl Late Pledge
1:39:45 – Feature Segment : (Power Failure) Brawling Bros Blend 2019

Board Game Timestamps:

Castle Panic – 0:18:40
Monster Expedition – 1:25:58
Noctiluca – 0:44:56
Pandemic Season 0 – 1:13:09
Stick ‘Em – 0:50:52
The Search for Planet X – 0:29:35
Traintopia – 0:56:55
Undaunted : Reinforcements – 1:29:00
Watson and Holmes – 1:02:27

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The Search for Planet X @ 0:29:35