Episode 81 : Kickstarter Boardgames + Star Wars RPG 30th Anniversary Edition

star wars rpg

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 9/11/18

This episode brought to you by Inside Up Games, Tasty Minstrel Games & Meeple Realty. Josh has some real problems with cars and technology! Long time friend of the show, Ludie, stops by to talk about the 30th Anniversary Edition of the Star Wars RPG. Brandon gushes about King of Ding – a Brawling Brothers version of Love Letter. Josh decides to come clean and confess to all of his recent acquisitions, while Brandon announces an upcoming liquidation! Tons of plays are discussed, include 878 Vikings from Academy Games, Spell Smashers from Renegade Games and Now Boarding from Fowers Games. We highlight a few interesting kickstarter boardgames – Bad Maps from Floodgate Games and Mynd Craft from first time designer Tharini Rajamohan. A new contender has entered the ring – Power to the Meeple sponsors our newest giveaway, and you won’t want to miss this one! We wrap up the show with a discussion on kickstarter boardgames and The State of the Podcast Address.

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Episode Timeline:

00:00:46 – Intro / Banter

00:18:00 – TNT: Then – Featuring: Star Wars RPG 30th Anniversary Edition

00:40:50 – TNT: Now

01:26:30 – TNT: Tomorrow – Featuring Bad Maps

01:34:30 – Giveaway Announcement courtesy of Power to the Meeple

01:38:40 – Feature Segment – Kickstarter Boardgames & The State of the Podcast

Game Timestamps:

878 Vikings – 01:02:00
Bad Maps – 01:16:30
Churchill – 00:44:40
Mynd Craft – 01:24:50
Mystic Vale: Conclave – 00:50:54
Now Boarding – 00:53:25
Space Base – 01:10:10
Spell Smashers – 00:57:31
Star Wars RPG 30th Anniversary Edition – 00:18:00

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Board Game Kickstarters @ 01:38:40

Star Wars RPG @ 00:18:00