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Level 99 Games announces Exceed Fighting System

We at Level 99 Games are excited to introduce EXCEED, the newest series in our family of dueling card games! After nearly two years of work and countless revisions, we are finally ready to bring EXCEED to life!

exceed card game


EXCEED is a 2-player fighting card game that simulates the flow of 2D Fighting Games, with a focus on insightful play, calculated risk, and fast-paced tactics. In EXCEED, each player chooses a 30-card deck representing a single fighter, or mixes together two decks to form a Tag Team, and then uses their fighter or team to do battle and defeat their opponent.

As they fight, players’ hands will constantly change as options increase and decrease, and individual options become stronger and weaker based on your position and the opponent’s position. Will you press your advantage as your opponent’s hand shrinks, or take the opportunity to bolster your own options or set up a better position? Each card can be used as an attack, or as a powerful boost action that gives you more choices in combat. As you fight, hitting your opponent will increase your Gauge. Accumulate enough Gauge and you can unleash powerful Ultra Moves, or permanently upgrade your character by going into Exceed Mode!

exceed game preview

EXCEED uses some of the key resolution mechanics from the hit game BattleCON, but remixes them for a completely new experience. EXCEED is designed to be enjoyed by both new players and fighting card game veterans alike, and will exist alongside BattleCON as an ongoing series available from Level 99.

exceed fighting system red horizon

Soon, Level 99 Games will be bringing to life the first “season” of EXCEED. Each month, we’ll be releasing a new Duelist Deck featuring four different fighters. Four of these decks will comprise a season of the game, and each season will feature a new license, introducing a different world of characters.

Their first season features the fighters of Red Horizon, a property first introduced by Jasco Games in their Universal Fighting System Collectible Card Game. Future seasons will feature different properties from video games, anime, and other tabletop worlds, as well as all-new original Level 99 Games properties.

Want to try EXCEED for yourself and see what all the fuss is about? You can download two complete demo decks here and try it for yourself!

exceed characters

Level 99 Games be running a Kickstarter project in the next few weeks for those who want to get in on the ground floor of EXCEED and score some extra promotional cards and fighters.

Thanks for checking out EXCEED! What do you think? Come post on Board Game Geek and share your experience with the demo decks!



EXCEED ©2015 by Level 99 Games LLC. Red Horizon is ©2015 Jasco Games LLC


sultans library card game

Sultan’s Library – Untold Riches Await You!

A new game from South African game designers hits Kickstarter, June 2nd!

Photon Games, a Canadian game publisher, is getting ready to launch their new game, Sultan’s Library, on Kickstarter this coming June. Designed and illustrated by two South African game designers, Ryno Lourens and Zane Atkinson, this beautiful looking card game includes a unique area searching mechanic which is easy to learn and even easier
to enjoy.

This is the second Kickstarter campaign for Sultan’s Library, with the first one not quite reaching its funding goal. Photon Games has made some crucial adjustments to their campaign, such as a much lower funding goal and a price point of only $18 USD to get the physical game. They are also offering some great reward tiers, such as a beautifully illustrated playmat and an artbook to really show off the artistic talents of Zane Atkinson.

sultans library card game

About the Game

Sultan’s Library is a 2 4 player card game where players will explore various beautiful location cards, looking for Books to bring back to the Sultan’s Library. However, the land is filled with ominous perils and awe inspiring events, wherein an unwary traveler might easily succumb. In the end, only one person will have the honor to become the Sultan’s chosen Envoy. Will it be you?

Each turn consists of 3 phases: Draw, Explore and Score.

1. Draw: In the Draw phase you draw two cards from the Action Deck. Action cards will let you do things like Travel somewhere without paying, make other players lose Actions etc. The Action Deck also has Journey cards in it, which allows you to pay for the various things you will be doing in the game.

2. Explore: In the Explore phase, you will pay Explore points to look around the area you are in for Books. If there are no Books near you, you will automatically move on to the next Location. You have 2 Actions per turn. You can do things like Explore the Area, Play Action Cards, Pickup and Deposit Books and more.

3. Score: If someone has Deposited 3 Books during the Score phase, the players finish out the round. You Score as much Knowledge as is indicated on all your Deposited Books. Whoever scored the most Knowledge wins!

Number of Players: 2 4
Time Required: 20-40minutes
Photon Games Website: www.photongames.co.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/photonicg
Kickstarter Preview Page: http://kck.st/1IOqQBO

dominion expansion

PREVIEW : Dominion Adventurers with Donald X. Vaccarino

Heralded designer, Donald X. Vaccarino, has began previewing the new Dominion expansion: Dominion Adventures.  Vaccarino has begun previewing three cards per day over on the BoardgameGeek.com Dominion Adventurers Forums.  Additional details can be found on DominionStrategy.com.  Some of the cards previewed up to this point are simple, some are familiar, and some seem incredibly fresh and exciting!  As always, the art is FABULOUS!

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