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origins 2017

Episode 53 : Origins 2017 Recap

mayday sleeves

Contest: Mayday Games will Sleeve An Entire Collection!

If you haven’t check it out yet, we highly recommend you visit MaydayGames.com and enter their newest contest – pronto!


Here are the details:

No business owners can enter. We will not sleeve a business game library. Maximum retail value in sleeves we will give away is $500. We will sleeve all of the games currently in your collection and any games you purchase within 6 months of winning the contest within the $500 retail limit.We reserve the right to ship the sleeves by whatever means necessary, including whenever we can. For out of stock sleeves, paying customers maintain a higher priority and we will ship your sleeves once all paying customers are taken care of. We reserve the right to add to these terms and conditions during the contest. International winners must pay shipping. Free shipping within United States.