Top 10 Board Games – Episode 150
For the First Time, For the Last Time

Recorded in War Room Studios – Albuquerque, NM : 7/13/21

This episode is brought to you by and Grand Gamers Guild.

Godspeed, Brawlers. And thanks for all the churros.

top 10 board games

Episode Timeline:

Intro / Banter – 0:00:00
VM With Dracul and Igor – 0:06:28
Special THANKS to everyone – 0:11:19
VM With BAKER BOBO – 0:18:15
VM With John Wolff – 0:19:50
Conversation with Grand Gamers Guild – 0:20:35
VM With Owen Wilson – 0:48:43
VM With Tim – 0:50:07
Conversation with Power to the Meeple – 0:50:59
VM With Florida Baker – 1:21:45
VM With David of Man vs Meeple – 1:22:30
Board Game Stats with Noel – 1:23:38
VM With Chris VoodooChyl – 2:26:59
Feature Segment : Josh and Brandon TOP 10 BOARD GAMES – 2:29:13
Feature Segment : Live Play One Shot RPG with Ludie – 2:52:27

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Board Game Timestamps:

This section intentionally left blank.

Top 10 Board Games @ 2:29:31