parenthood game

Win Parenthood from Past Go Games

We’ve partnered with our buddies at Past Go Games to give away their first release, Parenthood.  Parenthood is a humorous card game where players promote their own kids’ growth and success while sabotaging other players’ kids with life’s issues. Players play as individuals or as couples running a household, and they attempt to score points by “raising children” and “getting them out of the house.” Opponents block children’s forward progress by playing impediment cards called “issues” that must be removed by playing suit-specific “remedies,” such as T.L.C., Education, Discipline, or Money.

2 lucky entrants will be selected to have Josh and Brandon play a game of virtual Paper/Rock/Scissor for them on the air in Episode 21.  The winner of the Paper/Rock/Scissor match will win the great prize pack courtesy of our friends at Past Go Games.  Good luck!