Due to the infancy of our podcast and our extended efforts to create a rating system that was comprehensive yet thorough, our On-Air review of XCom was devoid of any scores.  We felt it worthwhile to post scores for the review here, even though they aren’t mentioned anywhere in Episode 01.  Here are a few key ideas that we used when formulating our scores:


– Josh : Lack of a physical rulebook brought the Gameplay score down “around 10 points”

+ Both : Highly Innovative; The app offers a new level of storytelling that both of us appreciated.


+ Josh : Great Art – Highly consistent with the video games; Much appreciated

– Brandon : Felt the art was just OK.  Board can be a tad confusing and really isn’t very interesting.

+ Josh : Solid Compnents, Really liked all pieces of the overall presentation.


+/- Josh : Timed phases both LEND and TAKE away from the theme of the game  (Yah, I don’t know either – bn)

– Brandon : The theme is fine, but felt like FF missed the boat with XCom license in general.  This could be branded GENERIC ALIEN SIM and would have worked.


Gameplay: 78%

Presentation: 89%

Theme: 85%

Final Score: 84%


Gameplay: 83%

Presentation: 81%

Theme: 76%

Final Score: 80%

Brawling Brothers

Score: 82%