Episode 70 : Zombicide Green Horde Review
+ Questions from the Hat with Cat

green horde review

Recorded from War Room Studios in Albuquerque, NM : 3/27/18

This episode brought to you by Tasty Minstrel GamesBoardGameTables.com, Arcane WondersMeeple Realty.  We proudly present our first ever Zombicide review with our Zombicide Green Horde Review, talk about Vinyl (now on Kickstarter) and cover all the goodies we’ve been playing include Caverna, Byzanz, Beasts of Balance, Star Wars Armada and MORE!  Cat + Captain Eo is a match made in heaven… Whats in heaven? Angels – and it turns out that Cat has the voice of an angel!  Hear her serenade our audience with a little improv bardic flair.  We answer the tough questions in this episode, including our favorite theme in games, what modern day movie would you make into a game, what is the hardest game for you to teach and we touch on some PC Games that are out or coming out.

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Episode Timeline:

00:00:43 – Intro / Banter

00:13:35 – Giveaway (Druid City Games & Game Surplus)

00:19:45 – Then: War Room Redeaux

00:38:30 – Now: Featuring Caverna, Byzanz & Beasts of Balance

01:05:20 – Tomorrow: Featuring Vinyl

01:21:55 – Zombicide Green Horde Review

01:57:15 – Feature Segment: Questions from the Hat with Cat

Game Timestamps:

1754 – 00:19:45
Azul – 00:59:20
Beasts of Balance – 00:54:55
Byzanz – 01:01:40
Caverna – 00:39:00
Codenames – 02:33:30
Crokinole – 02:22:00
Downforce: Danger Circuit – 01:17:05
Firefly – 02:24:00
Ginkgopolis – 02:23:30
Grimm Forest – 00:34:45
Happy Salmon – 02:32:45
House of Danger – 01:18:25
Potion Explosion – 00:30:49
Race for the Galaxy – 02:19:30
Reykholt – 01:13:17
Star Wars Armada – 00:48:35
The Mind – 01:15:35
Vinyl – 01:05:20
War of the Ring – 00:24:35
Zombicide: Green Horde – 01:21:55

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Zombicide Green Horde Review @ 01:21:55